Service Excellence Training

The employees represent the company  soul of service, and is critical towards the success of any business today. Our Service Excellence programmes are designed to inculcate appropriate mindsets and practical skills, techniques and suggested work practices to ensure customer management excellence. They cover methodologies on how employees can deliver exceptional customer service with empathy, and impart simple yet effective communication skills to build a customer relationship that will that increase customer satisfaction, and in turn, business equity and profitability.

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Service Mindset Training :

  1. Integrity Service
  2. Service With Heart
  3. Become a Service Ambassador
  4. Service Excellence for Frontliner
  5. Service Excellence for Back Office
  6. Service Excellence For Leader
  7. Service Vision, mision and Values
  8. Service Direction and Strategy

Service Improvement Training :

  1. Recharge Old Team
  2. Being a Successful Team
  3. Light Up The Fire
  4. Horizontal Bonding
  5. Vertical Bonding
  6. Cross Function Bonding
  7. Customer Vendor Bonding
  8. Customer Bonding

Service Leadership Training:

  1. Integrity Service
  2. Leading 360 degrees
  3. Developing Others
  4. Empowerment
  5. Problem Solution
  6. Dealing with Different Team
  7. Engaging People
  8. Championing Vision
  9. Power in Organization

Service Innovation Training:

  1. Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Customer Engagement
  5. Customer Value
  6. Customer Segmentation
  7. Customer Comp.Behaviour
  8. Selling Process
  9. Service Branding
  10. Service Recovery
  11. Service Recovery