People Excellence Training

​At Global Service Academy, we believe that by being empowered with cutting edge knowledge, staying equipped with relevant skills and the right work values, people are set towards achieving excellence. We provide a comprehensive range of training and consulting services designed with people excellence in mind. The programmes are created to help your organisation facilitate, improve, enhance and bring out the best in your people in areas of creativity, innovation and personal effectiveness.

Recognising that customer satisfaction is a key element that drives corporate distinction in today’s service-oriented landscape, we have also put together an extensive training package in all aspects of customer care and management, including creating service standards, Service KPI and also assestment for frontliner.

Through our management development programmes for leadership and teambuilding, we aim to help individuals discover ways to lead, motivate, harness team synergy and power up to move ahead.

 People Excellence Programmes (Click on the links below to read more)

  1. 1. Service Skills
  2. 2. Mentoring Skills
  3. 3. Coaching Skills
  4. 4. Communication Skills
  5. 5. Presentation Skills
  6. 6. Selling Skills, Cross Selling, Up Selling
  7. 7. Negotiation Skills
  8. 8. Writing Skills
  9. 9. Co-working Skills : teamwork