Our Legacy

Her passion and fall for People combined with strong Service Quality strategy and concept to establish service excellence culture in Indonesia and the Region, Yuliana Agung founded Global Service Academy (GSA).  GSA is an institution to transform People to be  a humble lady and gentleman responsive and willing to serve others with full heart.

The alumni of GSA have been changed to be an individual with a great competency to interact and establish positive and productive relationship with customers and the society they serve.  Not only their mindset, knowledge and skills are equipped, more importantly in GSA their hearts are touched and changed. Practically, GSA involvements in the National Customer Service Championship since 2006 have proven transforming People from all levels Front liners, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers.  They came before as an individuals not willing to serve then become true believer in servicing others.

Many of them were not not able to perform service excellence before and now become so capable of delivering good to great service.  More importantly, GSA has changed the paradigm of servicing others.  People are becoming proud and addicted of delivering service excellence with great manners. Yes I can Serve!! and Now, Service Excellence is not a shameful job but is a precious and gracious dedication.

Everyone is doing great service for everyone else because they are ladies and gentlemen delivering services for ladies and gentlemen.  GSA : Yes I Can Serve!!!

"Pick anyone you wonder, sent them to me, I love to show how precious and great actually they are,... Why they are deserved to serve?"... Yes! they Can Serve