About Us

It’s our  great honor to welcome you to GLOBAL SERVICE ACADEMY.

At GLOBAL SERVICE ACADEMY (GSA), we offer Manners and Personality programs that cater to your specific needs,whether these are career advancement, changes in career direction. With the expert Trainer in Service Quality and Manners, you are joining the one of the greatest Service Academy in Indonesia.

Mannerism and Personality Programs
One of our objective is to produce Manner Students who will be highly prized in their proffessions. To become Ladies and Gentlement. Thus, We carefully design our curicullum based on service industry requirements and inputs, and apply these to class program. Current practices are totally changes and improved their personality. You will learn that it is great, rewarding and personally satisfying when you improve your personality and use by a Company. Yes Indeed, Service begins with Manner.

Starting this year, we are opening Academy of Service which concentration in Manners, Service, KPI, Assesment. This is part of our continuous commitment to developing professionals such as you.

Corporate Connections
GSA has long-standing links with various local companies, both private and public. These relationships provide the real service projects and examples used in our programs. These are open opportunities for students to develop their personal manners.

We cooperate with several companies in  service program. These class programs provide our students with a wide spectrum of materials for class discussion and practise.

The Trainer in GSA experts in the field of service and personality, the trainer is also a well-known as a public figure in service industry.Our student are encouraged to attend events such as conference and seminar  where they can interact with service professionals.

Changing yourself become a ladies and gentlement requires serious commitment. We offer you to make the right decisions that could changes the employees and personal manner.